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Biochip Imaging

Biochips Imaging (2004-2005)

In this project, the computation of a multi-absorbing layers system is applied to the specific case of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensors. Specifically, the impact of the properties of a metallic layer on the shape of the reflectivity and sensitivity curve is investigated in the case of a Kretschmann configuration. This theoretical study permits to establish the best optical properties of the metal in order to obtain a localized SPR given the illuminating beam properties. Towards the development of a sensitive biosensor based on SPR, we quantify the changes in reflectivity of such optical biosensor induced by the deposition of a nanometric biochemical film as a function of the metal film characteristics and the illumination operating conditions. The sensitivity of the system points out the potential of such biophotonic technology using metallic multi-layer configurations and especially making use of envisioned metamaterials. Our main collaborators on this project is the Institut d'Optique Theorique et Appliqee near Paris.