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Head-Worn Displays

HMD Design of Head-worn Displays (1990-present)

Head-worn display design is inherently an interdisciplinary subject fusing optical engineering, electronics, user interface design, new optical materials and manufacturing techniques, human perception and physiology. In this project, freeform surfaces are investigated as a means to achieve compact, light-weight systems. Also aspheric, diffractive or holographic elements are being used in our designs. Various applications drive the HWDs with various requirements and our research in HWDs is conducted in collaboration with end users from various domains of applications and in closed loop with human perception assessments. Some of our designs include a 60deg FOV, full color off axis design, various types of ultra-compact (6g per eye) head-mounted projections optics with external or internal projection screens, eyetracking integration, conformal head tracking, and recently eyeglass displays with optics that is so small and performant that it can be integrated in your sunglasses.

Collaboration with Ozan Cakmakci at Optical Research Associates, Frank Biocca at MSU, and Cali Fidiopastis at the University of Alabama.

Additional References:

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