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Support the ODALab with a Donation


Donations are used to support early phases of new projects through equipment purchase or research assistant support. Impact of the research includes emerging non invasive medical diagnostic and visualization tools such as for early detection of lung cancer, skin cancer and heart disease. Donors may target their donation to equipment or researcher support or both as they desire and may contribute any amount they desire with a minimum of $100 with no upper limit. Donors get ackowledged in the published research if they desire to. They also get early access to research results. Donations are tax deductible.

Checks may be made to The Institute of Optics, with a memo note that it is directed to Dr. Rolland. Dr. Rolland will be happy to discuss with you the ODALab research and any specific requests you may have. Do not hesitate to call her at the office (585) 273-4040. She may also be reached otherwise at (407) 574-1838.

Jannick Rolland
Institute of Optics
University of Rochester
275 Hutchison Road
Rochester, NY 14627